It is important to note that the total energy content in the silage does not change very much during the maturation of corn - only its proportions change. The optimum harvest point, between 28 -35% of dry weight, guarantees:

  • Highest level of energy in the silage,
  • High starch levels,
  • Highly digestible fiber,
  • Easy and proper feeling and tamping of the silo,
  • Proper fermentation of the silage.

Almost any type of plant biomass can be used for the production of biogas, with the exception of woody plants. The choice of a particular species depends on economic criteria and regional ecology for its production.

During recent times there has been dynamic growth in agricultural biogas facilities utilizing corn silage as the basic substrate for obtaining biogas in installations based on manure and dry substrate. With respect to production, corn is characterized by high yields. Realistic per hectare crop yields for corn are up to 15 tons of grain or 25 tons of dry mass from the entire plant.

Furthermore, this plant can be used for the production of biogas in the form of silage from the entire plant, which ensures that large quantities of biogas will be obtained.

Corn silage is one of the least expensive and best bulk feeds provided to methane bacteria in a biogas generation facility. It is an ideal source of energy, derived from starches and fiber.

The harvest date is a very important production parameter, determining not only the yield, but also the quality of the silage. The harvest date influences:

  • Process of retaining energy – fermentation and storage processes,
  • Energy yield and its allocation.

During the maturation process of corn, starch content increases very rapidly; for this reason, many individuals wait until late maturity for a content that exceeds 35% of dry weight. However the same time, there is a dramatic deterioration in the quality of fiber, which is also a significant energy source.

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